Peaking Lights : Lucifer

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Peaking Lights : Lucifer


The third album for Peaking Lights signals a shift into a slightly lower gear from the husband-and-wife duo. Indra Dunis and Aaron Coyes have recently become parents and this new factor comes through in this new collection of songs, quite literally via the infant gurgle that drifts into Lo Hi. Theirs has always been an intimate world to venture into and the presence of their latest release makes it an even more personal affair.


As well as a softening of the act’s sound, there’s a cleaner, lighter production; it’s a progression similar to Beach House’s swing from Devotion to Teen Dream. The only drawback is that some of the grit of previous release 936 is lost and the end result is less textured and can verge on feather-light. Other than this, the band continue to play to not just to their strengths, but also their lengths, with most songs having a full six minutes to stretch out and gently riff on a lulling, dub-flavoured groove.


In the end, the key to Lucifer’s success is its simplicity, though this is also the root of its limitations. There’s a warm glow of new parenthood that pulsates throughout, but its child-friendly dreamscape puts the music at risk of fading into the background – though there’s no denying it’s a beautiful place to get lost in. If you want a bit more grit in your oyster, seek out their free mixtapes on Soundcloud.




Best Track: Cosmic Tides

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