Paz Congo – Tardis #1:Bringing The Flavour

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Paz Congo – Tardis #1:Bringing The Flavour


Though those travels are now nothing more than a fond memory, Paz has noticed that he is far from alone in his appreciation of the genre, “over summer it was such a well received sound, so we are just trying to highlight that this Easter festival.” Having teamed up with Lewis CanCut and Miss Butt, Paz has designed a whimsical Easter Weekend bonanza, as he explains, the evening has taken on a rather different take, with Paz’s discovery that Soca has spread to some rather unexpected locales. “The package is tongue and cheek around the sound that is coming out of Monterrey and Dallas, Texas where this huge Mexican contingent have an amazing sound, that is a sped up cumbia. It has just taken over. It is really hilarious to see it mixed in with the Latin cowboys around that area, it’s all about the gallant hat and long extended cowboy boots, flashing lights. A lot of good fun and partying. It is just about getting down. If there is one thing that Australia can associate with, it is that rodeo cowboy effect. We are going to put a bit of tongue in check there but just play all the sounds from around the world and show how it ties in there.”

With the globally celebrated Cumbia Cosmonauts on board to lend a hand, the aforementioned trio under the collective pseudonym Congo Tardis #1 will be entering into a little bit of light-hearted competition with the traditional owners of Lucky Coq’s Sunday nights, Junji & Harry, Askew vs Booshank and Peter ‘Dough Boy”’Baker, under the collective pseudonym South Side Hustle. While the trio may have their own dedicated followers, Paz is seemingly unafraid of the competition. Unable to contain his laughter, he bursts as he proclaims “they are all a bunch of chin stroking, disco record collectors. We are going to battle the chin strokers on this one. Disco and boogie is a big part of our routine as well, but we look at parts that come out of afro beat and Spanish discos. We’ve got the package; they are going to battle us. We are so unique to Melbourne, that we are winners there is no doubt about that.”

While the banter between the two contingencies will no doubt add an extra dimension to the evening’s events, Paz assures that it is all in the name of fun. Both the South Side Hustle and Congo Tardis #1 share a combined goal – to get people shaking their booties through till dawn. “It is something to shout to, real hands in the air sort of stuff. It is very much away from the generic music that happens in Melbourne at the moment. If anything sways from left of centre it is very dark at the moment, not that I have a problem with that, it’s just that there is a lot of emo culture, but we’ve got the alternative.”

With an unswerving promise that the evening will be all sweetness and light, Paz is equally proud that the 3ball Rodeo will be far more than just an opportunity to boogie. With a flair for organizing a good party, Paz and his comrades have gone to town in ensuring that their representation of the Monterrey scene is anything but half-hearted. “Besides suiting up and looking that obviously different, I have been in talks with them [Lucky Coq] to put in a Picolandia,a faux Columbian sound system, a DJ sound system they took everywhere. Similar to what they do in Jamaica and the West Indies. They do these amazing large Picolandia, portable sound system with all its separate speakers. They would take them around to all the wedding parties and they were decorated with these amazing graphics, basic graphics but amazing in their own context. We are aiming at getting a dance routine and a line dance troupe to display some of the dances that go with the cumbia sounds as well.”