Paul McDermott announces new EP: ‘I’ve Seen The Future And You’re Not In It’

Paul McDermott announces new EP: ‘I’ve Seen The Future And You’re Not In It’

Paul McDermott

Veteran comedian singer-songwriter Paul McDermott is releasing a new EP titled 'I've Seen The Future And You're Not In It'.

Paul McDermott, veteran performer of Doug Anthony All Stars, Good News Week and more recently, Think Tank fame, is returning to his roots with a new EP, based on songs from his recent show ‘Plus One’ with a focus on the COVID-19 pandemic.

It also verges on the autobiographical, with a song ‘Canberra (In The 70s)’ about how every city in the world was like Canberra during that period. In Paul’s words, it’s “a suite of beautiful damnation and the usual standard of malarkey.”

The EP – “forged during the bleak nuclear winter of 2021…under the all-seeing eye of Gladys’ Big Brother state” – was recorded during Sydney’s latest lockdown and is a response to the absence of a creative outlet.

“Written and recorded during the lockdown of 2021, this five track EP is offered up as a gift in the uncertain times we all find ourselves, an opiate for the masses as we rebuild our way of life.”

It’s produced by Paul’s musical partner Glenn Moorhouse and written without a studio, instead taking place within the pair’s Rhinestone Rebel headquarters.

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