Paul McDermott + 1, Connor Morel are both heading to Brunswick Ballroom

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Paul McDermott + 1, Connor Morel are both heading to Brunswick Ballroom

Brunswick Ballroom
Connor Morel, photo by Lucinda Goodwin

Two shows, three comedians, one venue.

Paul McDermott and his talented +1 are back to wreak some havoc at the Brunswick Ballroom with Blood Orange. Connor Morel, with his show A Lovely Day To Be Online, is taking to the stage on the same evening at a later time. Both of these shows go down on April 13 at The Brunswick Ballroom.

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Paul McDermott +1 are set to present Blood Orange, a conceptual odyssey that chronicles the inevitable downfall of civilisation, through comedy, song and liturgical dance.

The show promises to be a dazzling creation that critiques contemporary society, exploring where we’ve been and where we’re headed. It features glorious life-affirming music, mixed with disconcerting and dubious comedy. Apparently, it’s so good, it’s wrong.

Stick around, because at 9pm on the same evening, singer-songwriter and internet addict Connor Morel will a lead a live band in a gig-theatre show. Asking “are we doing the internet right?,” the show examines our relationship with the internet, from the first cat-playing-piano video to the hundredth.

It questions whether the convenience of talking to anyone is worth the inconvenience of everyone being able to talk. With fake Instagram influencers, radical keyboard warriors, scamming crypto-hackers, and obsessive YouTube addicts, the show takes a hilarious look into internet culture.

Grab tickets to Paul McDermott Plus One: Blood Orange by heading here and A Lovely Day To Be Online by heading here.

This article was made in partnership with The Brunswick Ballroom