Party Profile: Press Play Presents Replay

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Party Profile: Press Play Presents Replay


When is it? Sunday March 9.

Where is it? Chasers Nightclub.

Who’s playing? Michelle Owen, Fantastic Man (Mic Newman), Mish’Chief and Rustar.

What sort of shit will they be playing? Deep house, tech house, techno.

What’s the crowd going to be like? The guys are gonna be up to their nuts in guts and the girls knickers will melt.

What will we remember in the AM? How to hail a cab whilst still dancing.

What’s the wallet damage? $15 online at Resident Advisor or $20 at the door.

Give us one final reason why we should party here. If sounds ranging from deep warm and wobbling basslines with smooth organic synths to driving and quirky tech tickles your ear buds, then Press Play!