Part game, part gallery; IMAGINARIA is Docklands’ new futuristic light exhibition

Part game, part gallery; IMAGINARIA is Docklands’ new futuristic light exhibition


Explore an immersive light exhibit in the District Docklands from June 10.

Technology and imagination collide in this stunning audio-visual play – an immersive walk-through experience that utilises sound, light, sculpture and scent, IMAGINARIA is an experience like no other. Featuring a secret garden, black hole, infinity bubble, light maze, echo cave, it’s an illuminating all-ages experience for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

What you need to know

  • Part game, part gallery, part journey, Imaginaria is a new, immersive walk-through experience coming to Melbourne
  • Imaginaria takes place in the Docklands
  • It launches on June 10

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Located in the district Docklands, it takes place under the Melbourne Eye. Following a successful first run last year, this play experience from the future is part game, part gallery, part journey, full of architectural inflatables and shimmering light sculptures. Explore the exhibition at your own pace – the walk-through takes guests through a series of architecturally designed structures each with a unique experience inside, such as an interactive cave and multi-dimensional light maze.


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Creative Director, Nick Ennis, said on last year’s running of IMAGINARIA: “We are excited to push the boundaries of this experience. Immersive art isn’t static and as such, we’re constantly evolving Imaginaria with inspiration from developing international trends across art, technology, sound and play.”

From June 10 2022, guests can enter IMAGINARIA, located at The District Docklands. Check your shoes at the departure lounge and enter the portal where time and sound distort. There is plenty of space to explore and interact, creating the perfect outing in Melbourne.

IMAGINARIA takes place in the District Docklands, under the Melbourne Eye. For more information and to grab your tickets to this illuminating experience, head here.