Panic! At The Disco

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Panic! At The Disco


Fresh from a Christmas break Urie is just as excited to resume touring the album as he was when it was released last year. “Ha, well there is an energy change between Christmas and now,” he says. “Once the record’s out I get so excited to play the shows because the songs have been inside my head for so long and trapped in this personal space. To actually share that with people is always an exciting moment. It’s true that the songs really take on a new life when the audience starts singing things back to you; it gives a whole new life to this thing that you’ve created. There’s no hatred or frustration on tour; it’s all love and excitement.”

So does he mind seeing the thing he’s worked on for so long suddenly appropriated by a hungry audience? “There’s always that connection you have to the thing you’ve created but similar to having a kid, you raise this thing and then it’s 18 years old,” he says. “With a song, you put it on an album and then it gets all this experience and grows up. It’s such a validating feeling as well to hear from people who enjoy the music – and people who don’t enjoy the music – and to be able to get some sort of criticism off of something that you’ve done. That’s a special thing.”

Musically, the band’s performance hasn’t been suffering without drummer Spencer Smith but of course, his absence casts an emotional shadow over the band. Right now though, the decent thing seems to be to simply ask how he’s going and when he might be back. “He’s still at home but he’s getting really well and doing really good,” he says. “At the point when it was decided he’d take time off, it was so tough, when your personal life and business collide and you make these weird decisions that don’t feel like they’re the best thing but really they are; it has ended up being the best thing. Our friend filling in has been really great, it’s a different dynamic but the shows have still been awesome and the absolute best part of all this is that the fans have been especially supportive of the whole situation. I really love seeing that; that’s made it all so much easier.”

Urie is excited for the tour, he seems relentlessly enthusiastic about his band’s future work and yet you can’t help but wonder – is Panic! At The Disco just a one-man-band? Is Urie forever dragging this sled up a long hill on his own while everyone else just comes and goes? “Honestly I haven’t felt that way,” he says. “I have a great support group of friends – Spencer definitely included – and they’ve always believed in my vision for this band and my musical direction and they’ve helped me make this happen. You can get down and it is really hard but for the most part I really enjoy being able to take a creative lead. This is something I have so much love and adoration for and yet despite all the times we’ve nearly split up or I haven’t wanted to go on or things have looked too hard, we’ve all been there for each other. In the short ten years we’ve been together we’ve been through a lot and we have a lot more to give.”