Pageant Families @ House Show

Pageant Families @ House Show


Got to the party about an hour late with about half a kilo of jelly beans in each pocket. The opening band started up, an hour late, counted off and dropped sticks, picks, and notes as well as all the right beats in all the right places. They were wonderful. A bluesy hard-rock excursion made up of three young blokes calling themselves Live Nude Girls. They have a half-pipe in their front yard; so expect to bring wheels when they have a show at their house.

Pageant Families were tight. A precise, mathematically fluent band that suck you in with heavy tones and hypnotic rhythms, then pull the rug from under you with screaming vocals and sudden angular shifts in momentum. The show felt structured and well rehearsed but ready to flip off the tracks at any moment. They played three incredible songs and then tried to leave. God bless peer pressure because we managed to squeeze one and a half more songs out of them before they yielded the stage. A fantastic band. Blood Brothers minus all the pageantry. The lack in personal/physical space encumbered no one’s dancing.

Rage Against Public Enemy and Red Hot Chilli Core are two entirely shit names that don’t completely sum up what Sydneysiders Daggerz do (but I am sure if you asked any of the band members about the aforementioned acts influence on their own band they would invariably answer ‘Fuck Yeah Man!’ and then proceed to smash a beer-bong in your honour). The people loved it, they went fucking nuts, proper nuts, like ‘I’m going leave this to the real fans, and go watch from the next room’ nuts. Don’t buy anything fancier than VB or Corona if you go see them: it’s bound to end up down the front of your blouse.

The next band took a while coming on so we went to an ATM and got some money out for pills and spent the rest of the night throwing jelly beans at each other and harassing passers-by in the hall. Wet Pensioner eventually came on but we couldn’t have given a shit, because they dressed up like doctors and dragons and all kinds of dumb shit. They sounded pretty good for a shitty gimmick band.



Loved: Everything.

Hated: Nothing.

Drank: Energy drinks and water.