Pachamama Wholefoods has plans to make community-driven clean-eating cool

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Pachamama Wholefoods has plans to make community-driven clean-eating cool


Tell us about Pachamama? Pachamama is an organic wholefoods grocer and cafe set in a rustic Brunswick warehouse. We offer a wide variety of local and international products catering to many dietary requirements. Our friendly staff and naturopaths are always on hand to answer customer questions – whether it be finding a specialty product or helping with a dinner recipe. Alongside our grocery store is the Pachamama Cafe which offers fast healthy meals, from organic smoothies and fairtrade coffee to toasties and gluten-free wraps.

What’s news at Pachamama? The shop has just been taken over by two entrepreneurial planeteers Danielle “Waste Warrior” Vezza and Christopher “Captain Planet” Anderson. Big plans on the horizon for this grocery store underdog with renovations planned to include a wellness centre, cafe expansion and multifunction event space.    

Why should we check out Brunswick more often? Brunswick is a unique place with its quirky shops and mismatched community of families, students and hipsters. Brunswick’s health and earth-conscious tribe is growing to become a thriving habitat filled with healthy humans, community gardens and of course, awesome graffiti.  

What are you most proud of? We’re most proud of a community that’s been awakened by the power of their personal health and a love for mother earth. Each and every day we serve new customers who are not only aware of what’s going into their stomachs but what impact it has on the earth. Pachamama is proud to be at the forefront of this environmental movement towards a health society and a sustainable future.

What makes Pachamama stand out? What makes us different is that we’re here to actually make a difference. We encourage our customers to make choices that help them live fuller, happier lives and leave a minimal footprint on the earth. We also pride ourselves on having a relaxed and welcoming vibe in store.

Which three words best describe Pachamama Wholefoods? Community. Health. Quality.

What’s your newest product in store? Now that hemp is legal in Australia for consumption, we’re proud stockists of Australian Primary Hemp protein and oil. We’re focusing on educating customers about it’s amazing superfood powers and removing any negative stigmas it may have. We recently went out to one of the Australian Primary Hemp farms to learn about what goes on behind the scenes and meet the farmers, ensuring the quality of these great Australian grown products.

What are some health secrets you could share with us? We think that health is a concept that is unique to every individual – if you want more you’ll just have to come in store and speak to one of us or our knowledgeable staff.

What type of music does your store enjoy? We’re always playing tunes that have our customers dancing through the aisles. Our favourite is Pabels – an Argentinian mixologist who arranges groovy afro-funk mixes. He recently made an ‘organic’ mix especially for us. Find us on SoundCloud to hear it.

Is there something you particularity would like to make known about your store?  We don’t just care about our customers but also the environment. We’re working our way towards becoming completely zero-waste, especially in the cafe. All of our food scraps are composted and given to a local community garden. Our coffee supplier also provides us with the beans in our very own tins which are refilled weekly to reduce our single-use plastic waste.

One piece of advice for our readers from Pachamama Wholefoods. Check out the dirty dozen, the top 12 most heavily sprayed foods in the conventional marketplace. If you’re thinking about living a more organic lifestyle, this is the best place to start. You are what you eat, so you should give your body the best fuel possible.

What are the most popular products sold in store, and also, which products do you wish were purchased more? We have a whole range of products on offer but it’s safe to say that majority of what we sell are products specifically targeted to vegetarians, vegans or people with allergies and dietary requirements. We wish people would buy more organic fruit and vegetables. It might sometimes look a bit ugly on the outside, but it’s even more delicious on the inside. We guarantee it.