Our Carlson: Night One at The Old Bar

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Our Carlson: Night One at The Old Bar

The Peoples Poet Our Carlson is bringing Epilepsy Sexy Back to The Old Bar for two nights that will really push the Ramsey Street end of the entertainment scale. Ranting about Cappo Dogs and Domming Doctors over breakbeats, jungle, and all that.

Our Carlson really fucking loves the Old Bar, and is really chuffed to be writing this in the third person.

On Friday 22nd of September Our Carlson shakes the Old Bar with attention seeking showoffs Cong Josie & The Crimes, who will go above and beyond, as always, as well as Russia via Nipaluna hardbass sonic and visual sensation Elektronik Girl Epic, who is gunna have you messaging your booker friends.

On Saturday 23rd of September Our Carlson is joined by the mystery that is T.B. Ridge as Director, playing some straight up, no jazz rock and roll, with what seems to be a rotating cast of some of the finest players around the town, and the crushing wave of brutality that is Romansy. The bands On Cool Death Records ya know.

Everything on the two bills is guaranteed 100% genuine, no fakes or knockoffs, period. Crystals are The New Jesus Christ. Watch out for scammers.

Strobe free event.