Old-School Jungle Takeover at Brown Alley

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Old-School Jungle Takeover at Brown Alley


Three of the biggest names in old-school rave, jungle and drum and bass are coming to Melbourne soon for one massive night in, and you’d best be ready to be schooled by some of the scene’s most longstanding stalwarts, children! Leicester’s DJ SS leads the charge – originally a breakdancer, it was through some of England’s biggest raves in the early nineties that SS made a name for himself as a pioneer in drum and bass, as a DJ, producer, and the co-founder and head of Formation Records, not to mention over a hundred releases to his name under a plethora of alias. Joined by fellow legend Kenny Ken, whose career spans over twenty years and old-school MC Skibadee, it’s a veritable throwback to the heydays of nineties rave.