Northcote just got a new 1500 person heritage-listed live music venue

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Northcote just got a new 1500 person heritage-listed live music venue

Northcote Theatre
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The Northcote Theatre is transforming into a live music complex, replete with a cocktail bar, rooftop bar, Italian style trattoria and boutique wine bar.

The Edwardian Baroque era theatre will become Northcote’s premier live music space, with a 1500 person capacity that’s sure to attract major Australian and international acts into the northern suburbs.

Operator, and co-founder of the Northcote Social Club, Andrew Mansfied and his team are currently preparing for major renovations, promising that the transformation will create a versatile space that can be used for several purposes: “It’s not just concerts” Mansfield said, “the theatre is versatile, it’s a welcome freedom to be able to explore all the different ways the space can be used to facilitate people connecting with the arts.”

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“Myself and my partners are proud to be involved in taking custodianship of such an iconic space,” he continued. “As a long term Northsider with a history in live music venues I’m honoured to be delivering a venue of this size and calibre right in the heart of Northcote.

“Northcote is blessed with venues Bar 303, the Social Club, the Croxton and the Thornbury Theatre that help make our community what it is. High Street has really evolved over the years but it’s always been a heartland for musicians and artists. We just want to compliment what’s already here.”

Established at 216 High Street (corner High Street and Bastings Street) in June 1912, the Northcote Theatre was designed by local architect, Edward Twentyman, jnr. and remains perhaps the earliest surviving picture theatre designed in Victoria.

“The theatre is a grand and ornate space, purpose built to host entertainment and right in the heart of Northcote” venue booker Ben Thompson said. “The new lease holders have uncovered a sweeping tiered mezzanine and there are direct stage sightlines from anywhere in the theatre, it’s just perfect for live performance.”

Now it’s set to add to the increasingly vibrant outer northern suburbs, already home to the 900-capacity Croxton Bandroom in Thornbury.

Construction is set to commence on the site at the crest of Ruckers Hill in early 2022, and conclude mid-year with a host of local, national and international artists already secured to perform.

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