NONSTOP WKND: Friday Night Social

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NONSTOP WKND: Friday Night Social

This event is part of Now Or Never 2023.

Prepare for an interstellar odyssey with our first Friday Night Social of the DARK MATTERS season.

Explore the cosmos through captivating live music and mesmerising performance art. This Friday Night Social includes live entertainment from DJ Kalyani, a dance performance from Bendy Ben, installations from the University of Melbourne’s animation student cohort, performances from Rully Shabara and Abby Sundborn, in collaboration with Liquid Architecture and a ‘Mystery Box’ illusionist act from DARK MATTERS artists Lawrence Leung, Dom Chambers and Vyom Sharma.
Join self-confessed science nerds and art lovers alike as we try something new, make friends and ask the big questions.

DARK MATTERS is an exhibition created in collaboration with Arts at CERN and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics exploring the fundamental essence of life and the universe, and how so much of it remains a mystery to us. Dive into the unseen, the unknown and the unspoken – will we ever fully understand the invisible forces at play in our own lives?

LIQUID ARCHITECTURE is a Naarm (Melbourne) based organisation supporting experimental, interdisciplinary, and critical work addressing sound and listening in context.