NONSTOP WKND: Bloody Minded

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NONSTOP WKND: Bloody Minded

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This event is part of Now Or Never 2023.

70 industry leading artists. 12 unique shows. Six iconic Melbourne venues—NONSTOP WKND is the choose-your-own-adventure festival within a festival closing Now or Never with a bang.

Bloody Minded, as part of NONSTOP WKND, will see the Sub Club Melbourne basement ignited with audio-visual ecstasy by some of the world’s greatest hardware techno artists and digital experimentalists.

Characterised by synthetic rhythms, thumping tones and mind-bending textures, some of the industry’s leading experimental artists will unite at Sub Club Melbourne to showcase four idiosyncratic practices. Orbiting both club spaces and broader listening environments, Container (US), Jung An Tagen (AT), Jannah Quill and Various Asses have cultivated cult followings dedicated to their unique sound—pounding away at their own threads of constructed texture and repetition to come together as a tour-de-force.

Accompanying this night of pulsing techno and ecstatic tones are spectacular dystopian visuals by Hanoi-based Malaysian/Australian multimedia artist, Tristan Jalleh, commissioned especially for the occasion. Audiences can expect a night of world-class hardware techno and total audio-visual immersion.