NONO Fridays

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NONO Fridays

Amber Mic is taking over the front room at NONO in Brunswick on Friday nights.

INDTIKO can be best described as a rousing concoction of pulsating rhythms, epic guitar sounds, deep water carnival sonic synths and occasionally discordant melodies. All fronted by a stylishly poetic semi unhinged preacher type man…
With a firm nod to the post punk era that spawned the likes of Pil, Wire, Pavement,Joy Division,Roxy Music, Minutemen, Fugazi and many more.

Melbourne rockdogs The Mean Times have hit beast mode. Having recently signed to international independent record label, Golden Robot Records, the band are currently recording their debut album with renowned Australian producer, Anna Laverty (Peep Tempel, Camp Cope, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds). The new album is due for release in 2023.

Their most recent EPs (2019’s ‘Raw Prawn’ and 2020’s ‘Stunned Mullet’) presented an intentional dichotomy from fun, catchy, punk rock; to dark and brooding alt rock, each with the same hooks, energy and swagger. Both were recorded and mixed together at Rolling Stock Studios in Melbourne by Nao Anzai(Cash Savage and the Last Drinks, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever) and mastered by Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring. They were exceedingly well-received by Australian radio stations such as PBS, 3RRR, Edge, 4ZZZ and Triple J Unearthed, and were positively reviewed by music blogs across the world including, Tonedeaf and Meanwhile the single ‘Miss Damascus 2008’ received almost 20K plays on Spotify. The Mean Times produce mature, cutting rock n’roll with a humorous self-take on life. The music has a depth of purpose and is unlike most rock music in a saturated market. They have taken the best bits of 70s and 80s punk rock; 90s post-grunge power-pop; some early naughties post punk revival; and then thrown in a touch of old school rock and roll, to create their own brand of Oz punk rock. Their live energy and insight are both modern and unique and tell a story that others can find solace in and learn from. Thematically, The Mean Times delve into men’s mental health, while musing on approaching mid-life and having to adult. It’s teenage angst for people in their 30s and 40s. Having played almost every venue in Melbourne, and many more beyond, The Mean Times (Eoin Clements on guitar and vocals, Rob Meerbach on bass and vocals, Ryan Williams on drums and vocals and Tom Morgan on vocals and guitar) deliver a raucous, high-energy, spirited live show that makes you smile. They’re raw yet polished; weird, yet digestible; punk yet pop. The music and the men are real and concise. They write good songs for music lovers, not slow jams for pool party posers.