night sweat

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night sweat

An experimental, all-sensory adventure into the hidden characters of a sleepwalker’s subconscious.

Have you ever found yourself sleepwalking? Or had a serious conversation with a pile of clothes you thought was your mum? Michelle has. One too many times. Doctors say there’s nothing wrong with them, but the ghosts they talk to tend to disagree.

Accompanied live with original music by Kyle Muir, ‘night sweat’ searches for commune and camaraderie with the parts of ourselves we keep hidden in the dark. Step into a world where dreams and reality intertwine where Michelle embodies the archetypes of their psyche, from clown to fuckboy to Hugo Weaving. Using a seamless interplay of physical theatre, clowning, improvisation and poetic storytelling, Michelle will transport you into the murky farrago between awake and asleep.

First developed with La Mama Explorations in 2022, this premiere season of ‘night sweat’ plays with form and genre in a sensorial smorgasbord that will have you captivated, cackling, and maybe even crying.

About the Artists
Michelle McCowage (they/them) is a queer, non-binary actor and theatre maker. Passionate about championing gender diverse voices and non-conventional forms of story telling, Michelle seeks to curate spaces for shared vulnerability. Since graduating from the VCA with a BFA (Theatre) in 2020, they have written, produced and performed numerous original works across multiple disciplines.

Kyle Muir (he/him) is a music producer, guitarist and songwriter. Muir is an Honours (Jazz and Improvisation) graduate from the VCA and now produces, writes and tours with multiple bands, including his major project: indie, wonky folk quartet: Wybie.