Nick Cave teaches forgiveness and self-empowerment in his latest blog post

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Nick Cave teaches forgiveness and self-empowerment in his latest blog post

Nick Cave
Photo: Amelia Troubridge
Words by Tim Thorpe

Cave always knows best.

Nick Cave has shared an insightful new post to his blog, The Red Hand Files, touching on the difficulty of forgiveness and distrust.

The latest addition to Cave’s intimate series of e-mail newsletters sees him ponder a question posed by a contributor named Mel, who asks: “How do you forgive somebody whom you love very much but has done something truly terrible?”

In true Nick Cave fashion, the Australian singer-songwriter responds with a detailed analysis about transforming the challenging act of forgiveness into a process of self-empowerment.

“Sometimes we feel the crime is such a violation, and so egregious, that it is beyond absolution – but the struggle to forgive is where it can find its true meaning,” he wrote.

The lengthy response also highlights how some people are able to forgive all manners of horror, something which most of us couldn’t fathom doing. For example, Cave references the situation with the mother of one of the Manchester bombing victims who publicly forgave the murderer.

“I would try to see the idea of forgiveness as an act of insubordination, a non-compliance to the forces of malevolence, a recognition that you will not be defined by the offence that has been inflicted upon you,” Cave concluded.

If you’ve got a burning question to ask Nick Cave, or you’re just looking for some enlightening Q&A material, head over to The Red Hand Files.