Nice Work If You Can Get

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Nice Work If You Can Get

The feel-good musical to end 2022 in style …… Art Deco Style.

Following on from the success of the 2021 Neglected Musicals presentation Cameron Mitchell will direct and choreograph Nice Work If You Can Get It, a new take on classic 1920s musical farce. The tale of Jimmy Winter, a wealthy and carefree playboy living the good life in the midst of Prohibition.

Jimmy has an unfortunate habit of marrying chorus girls, until he’s forced to marry a woman of substance – Eileen Evergreen, the finest interpreter of modern dance in the world. On the weekend of their nuptials, Jimmy meets Billie Bendix, a tough-as-nails bootlegger who has inadvertently stashed 400 cases of gin in Jimmy’s basement. Knocked out by this one-of-a-kind woman, Jimmy must deal with his high-strung fiancée and an assortment of bootleggers, prohibitionists, G-Men and chorus girls, as well as one very moralistic senator.