New Liquor Licensing Policy Released by Australian Sex Party‏

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New Liquor Licensing Policy Released by Australian Sex Party‏


The Australian Sex Party knows how important the Hospitality Industry is to Victoria’s social and economic development, and they want to make some changes to ensure its sustainability.

The ASP has no problems with adults socialising and enjoying themselves at whichever licensed outlets they want to go to, at whatever time they want to go.

But, they are also great believers in highlighting personal responsibility and are putting their foot down on those who engage in anti social behaviour, violence and other criminal acts in Victoria’s entertainment precincts.

However, the ASP does not condone artificial restrictions being put on the marketplace as a barrier to stop this behaviour. The bottom line- it won’t work.

Instead of putting a taboo on areas of the hospitality industry, they will provide incentives to small businesses to diversify and expand.

Areas of attention in the ASP’s licensed policy framework include:

Licence Fees

The ASP will remove the Brumby Government’s liquor licence fee regime and change back all the licence fees to 2009 levels.

Policing & Security

The ASP will make sure that there are adequate police patrolling all popular entertainment precincts in Melbourne and the larger regional centres.

Public Transport

They will also ensure train and tram services in Melbourne run all night on Fridays and Saturdays. (No more expensive cab rides!)

Another guarantee is that taxi drivers will no longer be able to be choosy by illegally looking for certain fares from passengers when stricter penalties are forced on them. The ASP will also provide safe and secure taxi ranks in Melbourne and large regional centres with extra security, first aid facilities, public toilets and drinking water. (Looks like public transport is being set up to be that little bit more luxurious..)

Underage Events

The ASP will provide incentives to licensed premises to conduct well supervised alcohol and drug free underage events with support from police and other authorities.


The ASP support a strong regulatory framework including a limit on how much can be wagered in one bet on poker machines, and a public awareness campaign on the negative effects of gambling, and ways to deal with problem gambling.

Public Awareness, Research and Education

There will be extra research on the social and economic benefits of the hospitality industry and the social and cultural factors that impact on the industry and the needs of the people who patronise it.

The Australian Sex Party wants make a difference and ensure our community is a better place to live, work, play and do business.

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