Mutemath- Play Dead

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Mutemath- Play Dead


Mutemath’s unique sound has hit its straps on their fifth studio album Play Dead. If you’re not familiar with what that unique sound is, lead single and opening track Hit Parade will educate you in no time.


Synth heavy, soaring choruses and spectacular drums as always, Mutemath tread the line between dance/pop group and rock group, somehow managing to be both at the same time without ever full committing to one or the other. Something they have down to an art.


While some parts of the album are perhaps a bit too ‘synthy’ the record never really loses its vibe and is an enjoyable listen all the way through. Some tracks can be a little long for what they are (6 minutes plus), but that doesn’t mean the ideas behind them aren’t solid, just a little drawn out.


Finding really unique music is hard to do these days, and so it’s a good thing that Mutemath are around to push some boundaries. Break The Fever is a stand out example of this, part boppy pop, part rock and somehow part techno, while not everything the band tries comes off, enough of it works for this record to definitely be one that’s worth a listen.