Music On Film Festival: Shine A Light

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Music On Film Festival: Shine A Light


How have The Rolling Stones managed to stay in this business for so long? Well, the short answer is because they rock the shit. The long answer is better demonstrated in Martin Scorsese’s concert documentary, Shine A Light.

Filmed during two concerts from 2006’s “A Bigger Bang” tour, Shine A Light is categorically a concert film and strays from the typical music documentary. And while the film includes rare footage from back in the day, this is merely a testament to the band’s longevity – not an excuse to analyse the band’s political views, personal lives or the any other bullshit that most band biopics delve into.

Having used their music in no less than four of his own films, this is obviously a passion-piece for Scorsese. He captures their world as a true fan, full of admiration for their music and excitement for their performance.

From the moment the lights flood the stage and Keith Richards swaggers out, strumming the opening of Jumping Jack Flash, there is really no more thought required. All you can do is sit back with a smile on your face and enjoy the show.

Throughout the show, the crowd and audience are treated to guest appearances from past and present music greats. Jack White provides vocals and guitar backing for Lovin’ Cup, and it’s obvious he’s holding back a smile the entire time as he plays alongside his idols.

Christina Aguilara showcases some incredible vocals through Live With Me, and does well to concentrate as Mick Jagger tries his hardest to grope and dry-hump her as much as he can during her three-minutes on stage.

The show’s biggest highlight comes from legendary blues guitarist Buddy Guy, who joins The Stones for a rendition of Muddy WatersChampagne & Reefer. It’s good to watch Guy and Keith Richards jam with one another as if they were alone in a studio, completely oblivious to the band and crowd standing in awe around them.

I would suggest this for fans and non-fans alike. Even if the music isn’t your cup of tea, the performance itself will blow you away. Shine A Light is just further proof as to why The Rolling Stones are one of the greatest live acts of all time.

There are no real plot details to analyse here, so I’m just going to give you a full list of tracks:

Jumpin’ Jack Flash


She Was Hot

All Down the Line

Lovin’ Cup (with Jack White)

As Tears Go By

Some Girls

Just My Imagination

Far Away Eyes

Champagne & Reefer (with Buddy Guy)

Tumbling Dice

You Got the Silver (with Keith Richards on vocals)

Connection (with Keith Richards on vocals, incomplete)

Sympathy for the Devil

Live With Me (with Christina Aguilera)

Start Me Up

Brown Sugar

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Shine A Light (heard, not seen, during the end credits)