MTC to debut Aidan Fennessy’s final work ‘The Heartbreak Choir’

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MTC to debut Aidan Fennessy’s final work ‘The Heartbreak Choir’

Melbourne Theatre Company

Melbourne Theatre Company will debut Aidan Fennessy's final play, 'The Heartbreak Choir' in April.

Described as a joyful, song-filled snapshot of a devastated community learning how to heal, Melbourne Theatre Company will bring the final play written by Aidan Fennessy to its stages from April 29.

The Heartbreak Choir is set in an old CFA hall on the outskirts of town, a small group of locals come together to sing, and to connect. Aseni, Barbara, Mack, Savannah and Totty have splintered from their original choir on a matter of principle and are intent on forging their own path. With their latest recruit Peter along for the ride, they have a new name, a space to rehearse in and a public debut booked. All they need now is to right the wrongs of the past … and to find a song that pairs perfectly with the local winery’s Sangiovese.

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The long-awaited production will feature William McInnes (An Ideal Husband), Maude Davey (The Newsreader), Carita Farrer Spencer (Ladies in Black), Ratidzo Mambo (Escape from Pretoria), Emily Milledge (The House of Bernarda Alba), Louise Siversen (Noises Off) and Julian Weeks (Savage Rivers).

The Heartbreak Choir was originally programmed for 2020 but was delayed. Its playwright, Fennessy died from a terminal illness in September 2020. It will now be brought to the stage by The Architect director Peter Houghton.

“For those of you who saw The Architect, you’ll know that you’re in for a rare treat with this playwright,“ Houghton said. “He’s an artist who can make you roar with laughter one instant then reach for the tissues the next. Aidan’s play uses the choir to talk about synthesis, about how it takes many parts to make a whole.”

“His characters are works of art, clearly etched and reminiscent of an old friend, but still full of surprise. You’ll fall in love with this cast – you’ll laugh at them, and with them, as they lead you carefully into the midst of both the heartbreak and the joy.”

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