MTC Announces Return of NEON In 2014

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MTC Announces Return of NEON In 2014


For this year’s festival, MTC will welcome five independent companies: Little Ones Theatre, angus cerini / doubletap, Antechamber Productions & Daniel Keene, Arthur and Sans Hotel, to present a work of their choice each for a ten-day season.

Building on the success of the inaugural NEON Festival, which was honoured Best Theatre of 2013 by The Monthly, the five original works will be accompanied by a host of exciting, free NEON EXTRA events including an exclusive keynote conversation with Barrie Kosky and a new addition to the Festival, NEON UP LATE curated and presented by MKA.


Little Ones Theatre opens NEON with a decidedly queer vision of Dangerous Liaisons, angus cerini / doubletap delve into the nature of existence in Resplendence, Antechamber Productions & Daniel Keene presents Photographs of A starring Helen Morse, a poetic production about the 19th century medical muse Louise Augustine Gleizes, Arthur brings to the stage the first instalment of their multi-part examination of the Australian psyche, The Myth Project: Twin, and Sans Hotel closes NEON with Green Screen, a production that is part careers expo, part social experiment.