MOVE Hot Yoga

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MOVE Hot Yoga


What is it? MOVE is a hot yoga studio located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. Founded on a passion for yoga, healthy living and a balanced lifestyle.


Why were you inspired to create it? MOVE was born from a desire to create a space for like-minded people in the CBD to practise, revitalise and nourish.


How does your studio foster a sense of community? Simply by attending yoga classes on a regular basis, you begin to change and grow with those around you, the teachers and students. Our teachers are supportive on and off the mat and are an inspiration towards change and growth as they live the principals of yoga daily.


What advantage does hot yoga have over conventional yoga? Thousands of years ago in India, yoga was practiced outside in humid warm conditions, around 28 to 30 degrees. Our yoga classes will work your entire body with a focus on building strength and helping to normalise weight from the benefits of the detoxifying Far Infrared (FIR) heat.


What is your Challenge to Change program? This is a 30-day journey that will require commitment, dedication, patience and will help you manifest powerful change in your life, through a committed yoga and meditation practice, journaling and getting clear on what you want.