Mount Kujo: Bodriggy Residency

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Mount Kujo: Bodriggy Residency

Coming to a Brewery near you. Mount Kujo are excited to announce a Thursday night residency in April at Bodriggy in Abbotsford.
We’ll be playing tunes from our brand new album Cosmic Cliffs hot off the press and will be sharing cold beverages with everyone.


7.30 – 9.30 PM

Melbourne-based space-jazz collective Mount Kujo has put a devotional amount of time into developing their composition technique, creative process and live repertoire to produce their second full-length offering, Cosmic Cliffs. The results of these efforts are apparent in the way Mount Kujo has become more than just a band to expect riveting orchestration and chaotic dance shows from; it’s become a musical fraternity with an ever-developing ideology, working in real time to achieve artistic goals, not unlike other communal projects such as Funkadelic, Pink Floyd or Snarky Puppy.

As the band says “There’s something about the Kujo philosophy – nobody holds on to an idea so tightly that it can’t become something else” The result is the palpable feeling that the second release has taken the band’s impossible blend of influences, from afrobeat to spiritual jazz, psychedelic funk to cinematic soundscapes, and organically formed a solid musical base for their own unique, recognisable and bombastic sound.

This innovative sturdiness is attributed to a greater member stability and curious explorations of the canonical songbook they have amassed since Mount Kujo’s frantic birth in 2019. The increased familiarity and depth has supported their love of embracing dynamic change, accepting last minute mishaps and actively seeking new challenges to see how these conditions affect their music. This resulted in songwriting sessions that were fueled by strong foundations of artistic principles to guide the band’s growth and style