Montaigne’s new single is meant to be uncomfortable

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Montaigne’s new single is meant to be uncomfortable


It isn’t difficult to pick a Montaigne song. With swinging vocals and sharp slides, she leaps up and down the musical scale to produce something so chaotic that it just clicks. Her new single, ‘For You Love’ continues to champion Montaigne’s trademark style, but with a twist.

The song is a reflection of Montaigne’s first and only relationship, which didn’t seem to end well. References to feeling dehumanised intertwine with the sinister musical backing of the track. Montaigne says it’s meant to feel a little disconcerting.

‘To have gotten sucked into that, I know I’m better than that. The song is a valuable documentation of that moment in my life,” Montaigne says of the single.

“It’s a cautionary tale. It was a good learning experience.”

Montaigne’s single release accompanies a national tour announcement. Check out the dates below: 

Thursday April 11, Factory Theatre, Sydney

Friday April 12, Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Wednesday April 24, Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide

Friday April 26, Fremantle

Saturday April 27, The Brightside, Brisbane

Sunday April 28, Bleach* Festival, Currumbin