Monkey’s Pirate

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Monkey’s Pirate


What’s your name then? Oh. And the name of your band…

The band’s name is Monkey’s Pirate and our names are Jolley and Nathaniel. However, our sea fairing names be Captain KrackSpanna and the Pleasure Carrot. Nathaniel has an uncomfortably red beard and Pleasure Carrot is the least offence of his nicknames.


And what do you do?

Roots. Our sound is an eclectic mix of sea shanties, urban poetry, nautical musings, BopShuOps, tribal HoomAhYeahs and beyond.

When did you start doing that?

We’ve been performing together for the last six months, but we actually recorded the majority of the album in 2009. After a brief hiatus when Jolley had to leave the country we picked up the pieces late in 2010.

Why did you start doing that?

What better thing to do than round up a pack of bizarre, quirky and rank crew to breath life into our twisted musical experiments? 

Do you think you’re good at doing that?

You’ll have to come to the gig to judge that for yourselves, constructive heckling is encouraged. Our mums tells us it’s good, but our mums are sometimes not to be trusted after a couple of shandy’s. Sorry Mad Sue and Anne.

If you weren’t doing that, what would you be doing?

Living a life of polygamy in a hippy commune.

What makes you happiest about what you’re doing?

Having random people at our shows that you’ve never seen before singing along to our tunes.

And what makes you unhappiest about what you’re doing?

Guitar leads, you never know when they’re gonna go.

What’s you proudest moment of doing what you do?

Packing out our first show at the Cornish Arms, alongside the Timbre Terrorists. Having all our friends, family and crew singing our tunes together was mint to hear.


When are you doing your thing next?

Our album launch is at the Empress Hotel on Saturday January 21. Supported by Elsewhere and Micro of SSpecker fame. Then at the Wild Thyme Café in the leafy surroundings of Warburton on Saturday February 11.