MOHINI by Raina Peterson

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MOHINI by Raina Peterson

MOHINI is an experimental Indian dance-theatre work that revisions the story of the eponymous Hindu deity, Mohini the Enchantress through chaotic joy of the trans experience.

When demons stole the elixir of life, it is believed that Lord Vishnu transformed into the enchantress Mohini to win it back. From there begins one of the origin stories of Hindu mythology and a narrative claimed by many trans South Asians as their own.

With MOHINI, acclaimed dancer and choreographer Raina Peterson leads audiences on a thrilling journey both brimming with tradition and deeply subversive. Rich cultural lineage and lifelong training of the classical Indian dance form of Mohiniattam informs this work, but Raina draws it into the contemporary present. Figures emerge from primordial seas, undergo transformation and eventually achieve transcendence. This surreal, hypnotic experience is at once visceral and contemplative, exhilarating and riotous.

Featuring a dazzling score of live and recorded music, and state of the art psychedelic stagecraft, MOHINI is a technical marvel signalling Raina’s growth as a choreographer and a work that demands to be experienced live.

MOHINI is the second of a new body of work by Raina: a triptych of queer Hindu narratives abstracted through experimental Indian dance.