Miso Bell and Tyler Bain Make Good comedy

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Miso Bell and Tyler Bain Make Good comedy

Make Good
Photo credit: Mae Hartrick

Featuring a rotating tap of comedians, who each bring along an object that lacks that special something, Miso and Tyler channel Marie Kondo with all the destructiveness of one of the Jackass crew.

Last week’s performance saw many objects shed their old skin and be born anew- Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall’s great-grandfather’s historic encyclopedia found its spark again, the Jeff Goldblum CD that had been taking up too much space in Patrick Collin’s car boot had a well-needed makeover, Dan Crowleys’ men 50s + vitamins went from an unfortunate buyer’s mistake to a timeless treasure. In front of the audience’s very eyes, Miso and Tyler performed life-changing transformations, aided only by a small trolley of tools and their intuitive fixer-upper ingenuity.

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I mean – who else has the much-needed bravery and foresight to Make Good a handful of Singaporean dollars gifted to Hannah Camilleri by her brother 3 years ago?

The highlight of the show came when someone in the audience yelled out, “He’s cutting the money with scissors.” Yes, Tyler was making the money good. 


Not just your regular comedy event, this interactive and sometimes unpredictable show invites the audience to also bring along an item of your choice in need of improvement

Make Good is a reminder that with a little bit of gumption and effort, anything can be transformed into something new and exciting. Highlighting the importance of letting go of material possessions that no longer serve us and finding new uses for them, Make Good is a unique and interactive event that pushes the boundaries of comedy and creativity.

Maybe even bring an object of your own along and watch as it is transformed into something new, exciting, fresh and stunning right before your eyes. It might not necessarily be better, but it sure will be Good™. 

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