MInimal Demigod : The Plastikman Revival

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MInimal Demigod : The Plastikman Revival


There are few names more synonymous within the ideology of a ‘techno modernist’ than Plastikman aka Richard Hawtin

There are few names more synonymous within the ideology of a ‘techno modernist’ than Richard Hawtin. One of the most revered producers of the past several decades, Hawtin has transformed the global electronic landscape; constantly revitalizing and reinventing not only his persona, but his artistic output. A career that has encompassed many characters and aliases, none are more renowned than the illustrious Plastikman.

A seminal artistry within its own right – Plastikman is the single most influential and prominent name within modern minimal techno. 2010 saw the revival of Plastikman -unprecedented, unexpected and astonishing to the electronic world. Breathing a whole new life within the Plastikman title, Hawtin explains the reasoning behind this rejuvenation and how his time within Australia led to this remarkable evolution.

"The last time I was in Australia I was at the Future Music Festival playing DJ sets" tells Hawtin fondly, "I would often watch the other performers that were on the tour. There were a lot of good shows but as I was watching them I kept thinking that if I was to do a live electronic show on a large scale I would do things very differently. "

"As I was in Australia I began to write down a set list and thought ‘if I was on stage right now which songs would I play and where would I go with it’. Around this time I had just finished the Kompakt shows and I had been DJing a hell of a lot the past few years. I was looking for something that was new – that was a challenge. DJing has become more and more about modifying and producing your own music on top of other peoples, you know? Adding drum machines, filtering, sampling. I just thought how far do you go before you say ‘fuck this’ and start doing your own shit again?" he laughs fervently, "It all began to point in the direction of Plastikman."

The following result? One of – if not the most symbiotic, engaging and astounding re-creation of live performances the techno world have ever witnessed. 2010 saw 15 of these performances. A true sonic panorama; implementing the most sensitive, intricate and complex aural and visual elements. Whilst fundamentally firmly in a premature development stage – the performances advanced to reflect the constant progression of Hawtin’s imagination, which he now believes that Australia will be enabled to witness these augmentations.

"We we’re definitely afraid of making any changes to the show until we have 6 months to sit down and figure out how it all works. It’s so complicated. We’re now confident and ready to make changes to the show because we know it works, but it’s taken 15 shows to get to that point – to simply add a wire, a visual or an element into the system."

Now allowing the fundamental progression of his performances, Hawtin states that his Australia tour will systematically be a very multi-media generated performance, Aurally, the performances themselves are stated to be a reinterpretation of the 18 year history of the Plastikman productions, delving into the cavernous depths of his archives whilst juxtaposing his legacy with the ideology of the importance of the ongoing progression of his music. Illustrated by constantly evolving and spontaneous visuals, Plastikman in 2011 is undoubtedly a rebirth of a musician and artistry that Australia will be blessed to soon witness.

Richie Hawtin [CAN] presents Plastikman Live at the Future Music Festival alongside The Chemical Brothers [UK], MGMT [US], Dizzee Rascal [UK] and more at the Flemington Racecourse on Sunday March 13.