MIFF Week Two: Reviewed in Limerick

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MIFF Week Two: Reviewed in Limerick


The Future (US)
While the lead tries too hard to be weird,
As a couple these two seem sincere,
And as rom-coms go,
It's more than so-so,
With a narrating cat left to steer.
Rating: B-

Our Idiot Brother (US)
Ned's a nice guy but he's slow,
And after jail he has nowhere to go,
So his sister's take turns,
And each of them learns,
How to cope with their idiot bro.
Rating: A

 Viva Riva! (DRC)
When fuel is in such short supply,
Stealing will help you get by,
Now with all this money,
Riva's chasing a honey,
Was she worth it? I do wonder why.
Rating: B

Tyrannosaur (UK)
With a temper that he can't control,
This monster must help a poor soul,
A warm-hearted stranger,
Who's in her own danger,
This one will leave you in a hole.
Rating: A

Another Earth (US)
Sci-fi with a completely new spin,
As it's more about dealing with sin,
A troubled young girl,
An identical world,
In a concept that did my head in.
Rating: A+