Michelangelo Russo & Jenn Jabu: Vele

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Michelangelo Russo & Jenn Jabu: Vele

Vele (pl) in Italian means sails.

The point of departure for Vele stemmed from Michelangelo’s WAX series (2002-2006) where large pieces of materials (hessian, cotton and denim) were roughly stitched together before painted with encaustic.  Bold protruding stitches form the composition of mainly large monochrome works.

In Vele the artists continue their journey through exploring various methods of cutting and assembling cardboard. The elements of composition are both rigid and fluid, angular and curvy, resulting in endless possibilities. The concept of radical geometry revisited and reconceptualised.

Michelangelo & Jenn have introduced fabric and stitching into Vele. The hard lines that defined earlier collaborations begin to soften with curves of the fabric, where rigid geometry dissolves into perforated skins and flowing sails transporting the viewer to another dimension. Broken and torn fabrics are stitched and the fluidity of the newly acquired shapes would merge with the landscape, the built environment and ultimately with our souls to take us on a Vele journey.