Michael Shafar serves up the prime cut in his new show, ‘Kosher Bacon’

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Michael Shafar serves up the prime cut in his new show, ‘Kosher Bacon’

What’s the show about? It’s called Kosher Bacon, and it’s about contradictions like ‘round squares’, ‘hot ice’ or ‘yummy tofu’. A lot of the show is about the things we tell ourselves to feel good about our food. Last week I went to a café that said it only serves eggs from ‘happy’ chickens. I haven’t seen a chicken recently, but from memory, they are pretty hard to get a read on. 

Tell us about the title… I’m a Jewish guy, but I don’t keep kosher. I have one friend who keeps kosher, but only at home, because according to him ‘God only watches you at home’. So when he leaves the house he eats bacon. I think it’s amazing that he believes in an all-powerful God that he can also outsmart.

Where does the material come from? I get a lot of my material from things that made no sense in my childhood, like how our local politician was also the DJ at all of our bar mitzvah parties. We thought that was normal.

What’s the process for putting the show together? I gig pretty much every night of the week, usually a few times a night, plus I tour the show around the country before bringing it to Melbourne. I build up the show pretty much line by line, joke by joke, over 12 months and then connect it all into a narrative that flows. It’s a lot of work.

Describe the show in three words… Definitely not kosher.