MGMT : Little Dark Age

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MGMT : Little Dark Age


Their last album – 2013’s self-titled release – had some really big tunes, and was probably the closest thing to replicating the massive cross-over hits found on Oracular Spectacular. Little Dark Age doesn’t really have any “big” songs but it does make for interesting listening. The main frustration is that because you know you’re listening to MGMT, it’s hard not to wish for a ‘Kids’-like hit.

Opening track ‘She Works Out Too Much’ is an odd affair. It’s ambient in sound and the vocals are rather lo-fi, but grow on you with repeated listens. ‘When You Die’ is one of the strongest moments of the album and easiest to get into, while ‘Me and Michael’ is sonically explorative.

Little Dark Age isn’t a bad record, but that’s also the problem; it’s just so-so. It’s good enough to please die-hard fans but not revolutionary enough to bring back those listeners that tuned out a decade ago.