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So Avenged Sevenfold are on the Soundwave Revolution tour and that’s awesome, right? Not for those fans in Perth it isn’t. A7X have elected not to play the WA leg of the tour, releasing a useless statement (that offered no explanation and was obviously penned by their management) as quietly as they could in the hope that nobody would notice. Weeell, I noticed, and that’s fucked. That’s twice they’ve dogged our sand-groping brethren in one year, and the reason’s pretty clear to me, especially considering the band’s penchant for massive diva action: Perth’s more of an effort and they just can’t be arsed. What’s crazy is that they can do this shit and their fanbase doesn’t bat an eyelid. Wish I was at the kind of level where I could take a big happy turd on a bunch of people and they’d smile and give me the thumbs up.


“We don’t know what we’re doing… We’re not gonna do our own thing either. This is gonna be the last tour that the American people get to see us in for a while, if not indefinitely. We have some things going on internally. We have some personal things going on. So I don’t know. It’s hard to tell.” That’s Disturbed frontman David Draiman, and I’ve never been happier to hear him say something. Fingers crossed this mobile platform of played-out Hollywood metal finally dies in the balloon knot.


I’m a massive closet Sevendust fan (it’s a walk-in closet), and the fact that vocalist Lajon Witherspoon‘s brother Reginald was shot and killed in Nashville in 2002 looms large in the band’s history. Whether it was a racially-motivated killing or not is unclear, but it’s interesting to note that the band recently showed up to headline The Cannery Ballroom in Nashville for what must’ve been a hard one for Witherspoon. He looks happy enough, but that rendition of Angel’s Son has never sounded weightier – especially considering that it was the song the ‘Dust recorded in dedication to Reginald post-shooting.


Iwrestledabearonce piss a lot of people off, and for that I enjoy them. I reckon I’d enjoy them a lot less if they didn’t go out of their way to be such unsettling fucktards, because this whole slap-electronicia-with-club-metal-and-go-for-it thing is a bit silly, really. Still, check out their latest track off of their debut LP (came out yesterday, actuals) over at and pass some cruel, biased judgment. Deodarant Can’t Fix Ugly, indeed.


Again with Revolver today! Someone’s waxing the right poles. This time the guys at have the slimy honour of streaming Dying Fetus‘ upcoming covers album History Repeats… so garn check it oot. Yep, the whole thing. None too shabby.


The unpronounceable Rwake are kinda like the slowcore band that time forgot, but don’t let that stop you from checking out the premiere of their latest sludgerrific effort over at It Was Beautiful, But Now It’s Sour comes right off of their new album Rest, which is slated for release on September 27 (and will also be hitting on 180 gram black vinyl, if you’re into that gear).


Admiral Angry – Buster [Shelsmusic|2009]

Heavy, heavy, low, low, Californian grinders Admiral Angry weren’t even gonna release this deadly debut. Their guitarist, Daniel Kraus, died shortly after its recording from cystic fibrosis at the unfair age of 22, and the guys were torn up over respect for their boy and maybe wanting to pay tribute to him. Lucky for metaldom they went with the latter and this here’s one of down-tempo sludge’s finest releases ever, period. RIP DK.


Not sure how much everyone cares about so-called US black metal troupe Abigail Williams seeing as they’re a popular target for MASS INTERNET RAGE, and I guess they’re even more meh now they seem to have turfed hot keyboard sex wizard Ashley Ellyllon. Dearest CHRIST would you look at this woman. She’s fine and I need piano lessons – on my johnson. Anyway, AW are working on a new disc for release next year: “The new material is a continuation of our last album but with more atmosphere and far more extreme tempos. We are adding back some of the symphonic elements that were on In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns album but without sacrificing any of the edge that was on In the Absence of Light.”


Garn and punch ‘Dave Mustaine Megadeth Interview At Sonisphere 2011′ into the PooLubin’ machine to witness the ever-modest Dave Mustaine talk about himself constantly for a 13:56. There’s also some stuff about Megadeth‘s new record in amongst the personal grooming tips and hallelujahs.


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