Melbourne’s getting a fried cheese festival

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Melbourne’s getting a fried cheese festival


There are many joys this human existence has to offer us. The miracle of birth, hearing The Smiths for the first time, finding true love — the list goes on.

But of these joys: two things stand above them all: cheese, and fried foods. But putting those two things together? That’s pure genius, friends. And sure, it might be a heart attack waiting to happen. But at least you’ll die a blissful, cheese-induced death.  

Melbourne being Melbourne, it’s gone and devoted an entire festival to fried cheese. Expect menu items from popular food truck vendors, as well as traditional crowd favourites. 

There’ll be more halloumi than your arteries can handle, mozzarella sticks, truffled cheese, Philly cheese steaks, Reuben sandwiches — the list goes on. 

In other words, if it’s cheesy and friable — it’ll be there.