The best parks in Melbourne to sink tinnies in

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The best parks in Melbourne to sink tinnies in

Melbourne parks
Abbotsford Convent - photo by Charlie Kinross
words by staff writer

The best parks in Melbourne for drinking, from hidden gems to tried and true favourites.

Melbourne’s inner city suburbs are littered with beautiful green pockets where you can stretch your legs or settle in and momentarily escape the noise. There’s nothing quite like rolling out a picnic rug and parking yourself under a tree with some mates for an afternoon session under the open sky and here are five of our favourite Melbourne parks for doing just that.

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Fitzroy Gardens

Fun fact: Fitzroy Gardens was named after Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy. He was a political bigshot back in the 1850s. But that’s much of a muchness, because I doubt he drank tinnies. Fitzroy Gardens is a pretty nice place though. Trees, a lovely conservatory filled with flowers, little mini waterfalls for that ~zen~ vibe and a neat cottage. Well worth a sit.

Find Fitzroy Gardens at 230 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne. 


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Carlton Gardens

Did you know that Carlton Gardens and the Royal Exhibition Building it surrounds are World Heritage listed? That’s some legit park credentials right there. You’ll find everything you want from an urban park right here: flowerbeds, ample room to find your own little quiet spot, ornamental lakes, trees that gorgeously reflect each season, plus some fancy Victorian-era fountains. Top shelf stuff.

Find Carlton Gardens at 1-111 Carlton Street, Carlton. 


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Edinburgh Gardens

Located in the depths of North Fitzroy, Edinburgh Gardens offers up 24 hectares of space for you to sprawl out in. Find a tree, roll out a rug, and finally read that Kafka book that you’ve been telling everyone else is an “all-time underrated gem that forever changed the face of contemporary literature without receiving any credit”. Wide spaces, sheltered spots, and ample room to take in some rays – Edinburgh Gardens is a classic hangout for a reason.

Find Edinburgh Gardens at Alfred Crescent, Fitzroy North. 


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Rockley Gardens

Rockley Gardens are nice. Small, but nice. Think big trees, park benches and some genuinely good places to pick up a sandwich or coffee nearby. It’s not kicking it up in the big leagues with some of Melbourne’s most expansive parks, but it sure as hell gives it a red hot Aussie go. Give the underdog a chance and try it for yourself.

Find Rockley Gardens at Rockley Road, South Yarra. 


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Abbotsford Convent

Abbotsford Convent is a straight-up gem. With the Collingwood Children’s Farm within walking distance, your weekend in the sun just got even better. As well as more than enough space to lay out a blanket and find some reprieve from the soul crushing ramifactions of your day-to-day life, there’s always some rad events going on, spanning from arts and music to talks and meditation workshops.

Find Abbotsford Convent at 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford. 

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