The best burger challenges in Melbourne

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The best burger challenges in Melbourne

Words by D'Arcy McGregor

For those who see eating as more of a competitive sport than a life-sustaining activity, we've put together four of Melbourne’s best and most insane burger challenges.

Ranked from the easiest to complete (a good place to start for budding challenge eaters) to the absolute monsters – one of which has only ever been completed by one person.

Beast Burger Challenge – The B.East

A modest burger that others might sell as a regular menu burger, this one doesn’t look like a lot, but there’s a catch – you’ve gotta eat it faster than anyone else. There’s three beef patties and bacon, along with enough chilli cheese sauce to drown a small village, but if you want that glory of being on the wall of fame (and a chance at $200) you have to eat the burger faster than the last record, which was three minutes but now sits reportedly at one minute and fifteen seconds. Good luck!

Misty’s Diner Burger Challenge – Misty’s Diner

This one’s a bigger challenge, but there is a more generous time limit. This time you’ve got 14 minutes to devour the five burger patties, slices of cheese, rashers of bacon, three buns, and the half order of fries (all drenched in mayo and BBQ sauce). If you manage it, you’ll earn a spot on their wall of fame as well as a burger challenge t-shirt. In 2011, just over 900 people had attempted it but only 145 had completed it – plus you have to sign a waiver (but we’re sure it’ll be fine).

The Don Challenge – Beer and Burger Bar

We’ve really taken a giant leap from the previously mentioned burger challenges by introducing The Don. There’s 700g of brioche bun alone, and then you add on the two 600g beef patties, your regular sauces and salads, 16 rashers of bacon, 400g of chips, and two cans of soft drink – because the burger alone would be too easy, right? If you get through it, the main prize is bragging rights; only a handful of people have defeated The Don, and the time to beat is 22 minutes and 55 seconds.

Spruce Goose Challenge – Spitfire Restaurant and Grill

Four burger patties – two beef, one lamb, and one pork – at 250g each already starts this huge burger tower at 1kg. Then add two chicken breasts, nine slices of bacon, a kransky, cheese on every layer, and three eggs, all between two Turkish buns and you’ve got yourself a Spruce Goose burger, weighing in at a whopping 3kg. If you make it through the burger in 45 minutes, you get the burger free, a t-shirt, a hat and a stubbie holder. Competitive eater Vince “Big V” Mantovani, devoured this monster in 18 minutes and 37 seconds. Reckon you can do better?

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