Melbourne Whisky Week

Melbourne Whisky Week

Melbourne Whisky Week is the ultimate Spirit & Whisky Experience, with over 40 diverse and innovative venue-based events, the Whisky, Spirits & Barrels Pop-Up at Federation Square, plus the vibrant and uniqueness of Melbourne city as the backdrop, this is an event not to be missed.

The 2021 inaugural Melbourne Whisky Week Festival is a spectacular like no other, attracting attendees from across Victoria. MWW is a unique event that showcases a range of traditional, diverse, and new-world spirits and whiskies.

Supported by our Major Partners City of Melbourne & Visit Victoria, MWW is an event of discovery, appreciation and excitement for whisky and spirits!

The event seeks to encourage more people into the good whisky world. In addition, the event showcases a range of new-world and much-loved spirits, offering diversity and integrity. One of its key objectives is to capture audiences across the entire State of Victoria, to do this MWW will divide the event into four streams to make it easier for attendees to discover what stage of their whisky experience they are at. These streams are ‘Whisky & Spirit Enjoyment’, ‘the Whisky & Spirit Connoisseur’, ‘those who enjoy Fun Times’ and ‘the Food Enthusiast’.

Melbourne Whisky Week will become Australia’s pre-eminent Whisky & Spirit event that will stand out on the calendar as a ‘must-attend’ event for national whisky & spirit enthusiasts. With plans to grow the event over the next four years into a global festival that attracts over 80,000+ attendees from across Australia and internationally

Key Event Features

  • An exciting and dedicated week-long program, Melbourne Whisky Week offers a series of Whisky & Spirit events. Showcasing a range of whisky & spirit programmed elements across bars, restaurants, pop up events and more.
  • Venues will be home to a range of events for a diverse range of interests, these include Whisky & Spirit Enjoyment, the Whisky & Spirit Connoisseur, those who enjoy Fun Times and the Food Enthusiast.
  • The Melbourne Whisky Spirit & Barrel Pop-Up event held at the Atrium in Federation Square is a feature event for the festival.  This event is a two-day showcase of Whisky, Spirits & Barrel Spirits across a range of tasting stalls, consumption bars, product sales sites and Masterclasses.
  • An exciting promotional element of the festival is the home-grown stories of distillers, distilling practices and methods, ingredients and the various awards won by distillers. Showcasing the pure talent and whisky and spirit regions, people will enjoy the festival all-year round.
  • MWW is a vibrant festival that will showcase featured and highlighting venue based events, offering the best of Whisky, Spirits, Food and Fun times all paired with a stunning whisky and spirit menu. The festival has curated a program that offers the best of the best in venues and menus. There’s a reason why some of Melbourne restaurants and bars have won best in the world, we invite you to join us experiencing them all over again.

For more details check out the festival website.