The best vegan food in Melbourne

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The best vegan food in Melbourne

Melbourne vegan food
Words by Alex Moses

Cheap and charming Melbourne vegan food, the best cafes and restaurants, and some epic rock ballads. Whatever you want, Columbus frontman Alex Moses abides.

While I enjoy cooking, and am impartial to a little cheeky delivery, I’ve had a gutful (literally) of that over the last few months, so I’m keen to share some my favourite Melbourne vegan food hotspots to go out and eat in Melbourne.

With lockdown ending in Victoria, I’m excited to get out, see friends, and visit some of my favourite places for yummy vegan eats. So here you are, my picks for the best (cheap) Melbourne vegan food spots.

Fina’s Vegetarian Café (Fina’s 2)

If I had to say my favourite vegan restaurant in Melbourne at knifepoint, I’d probably blurt out “Fina’s”!

On Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, Fina’s is an all plant-based Vietnamese restaurant, which has me second guessing myself about what I should order every time I go.

My favourite order is the Laksa, a creamy broth filled with veggies, vegan bacon and noodles with usually an order of crispy salt and pepper tofu on a side!

To me, their stand-out dishes are noodle soups, such as Laksa and Pho, but they also sport salads, hot pots, snack-y sides and café’ style vegan desserts. To wrap it off, Fina’s is well priced (not spenno) and is BYO!

Don Taco

Brunswick East’s Don Taco is a newer all-vegan Mexican restaurant that kicks the butt of Old El Paso and raises the bar on delicious plant-based Mexican food.

With a constantly refreshed menu, $5 Margarita night (yes you heard me) and an ‘order and pay off your phone’ experience, it’s the perfect place for the Covid-safe hungry millennial.

I’ve been there a few times, repeat ordering food and margaritas as the night goes on and it’s a great time. While the tacos fillings are often changed up, they are a placeholder on the menu and always end up in my order. The phish taco is a standout.

True North

When I first moved to Melbourne, one of the first places I ever went to eat was this cute little café in Coburg called True North.

A quirky and friendly space, True North have a large vegan and omnivorous menu, with all day breakfast, lunch and special dinner nights!

They also do great cocktails and free refills on filter coffee, so I’ve found myself there for many a special brunch on my birthday ordering a vegan breakfast burger and a bloody-mary.

Small Time Group

Small Time is a bustling music and pizza bar nestled in the middle of Brunswick on Albert Street.

In addition to serving up huge New York Style pizza pies by the slice (the Viva Las Vegans is great) they also have live music studio sessions, a great bar vibe and a cool upstairs patio.

I have mentally booked in many tables at Small Time for a pint and a slice of pizza over the summer.

Sidenote, I won their 2021 4th of July pizza eating competition finishing a 55cm pie in 23 minutes!  So they’ll always have a place in my heart (probably in my arteries).

Mr Nice Guys Bakeshop

About a week ago, I picked up a cinnamon scroll, homer donut (pink glaze with sprinkles) and a sausage roll from Mr Nice Guys.

I’m salivating writing this, and I just had dinner! An all vegan café and pastry shop, Mr Nice Guys specialises in delicious sweets and savouries, with the aforementioned cinnamon scroll being one of my favourites.

Located in Ascot Vale, they’ve been doing delivery and pick-up orders during lockdown, so I’ve made a point of stopping in.

As Melbourne opens up you’ll be sure to find me sitting inside with my shirt covered in flecks of golden pastry.

Future Sushi


Last, but certainly not the lowest value subjective rating on my list is Future Sushi, an all plant-based sushi roll daydream, and the sister business of Green Burger (an all vegan burger joint which I also recommend.)

Located in Collingwood, Future Sushi’s namesake are large mock-meat sushi rolls of beef, chick’n and duck, but they also have vegan sashimi and sides.

While not technically available for eat-in, Future Sushi has outdoor tables for customers, although their sushi rolls may be best enjoyed in the park with friends and a bottle of whatever white wine Dan Murphys has on special for $11.

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