Melbourne to cop a month’s worth of rain in two days

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Melbourne to cop a month’s worth of rain in two days


Get ready for a soggy few days, Melbourne. Rain, thunder, and potentially hail is about to plummet down upon us — with the Bureau of Metrology predicting up to 15 millimetres of rain for Thursday, with up to 80 millimetres expected on Friday. 

Jargon aside, that’s double what we copped last year and amounts to about a month’s worth of rain across 48 hours. 

What’s more, Victoria’s mountain ranges are going to cop a layer of snow too. 

Oh, it’s going to be bloody cold as well. 

“The cold air behind the front will keep temperatures below average, with 8-13 degrees on Thursday and 7-13 degrees on Friday,” said forecaster and human barometer Rod Dickson. “Then it’s in the mid-teens for the weekend, so we won’t see the mild conditions we had in the early part of May next week.”

Best pack an umbrella, yeah? That or find a reason to call in sick. And if you’re lucky enough to stay indoors, get stuck into a book. After some suggestions? Check out David Bowie’s reading list of 100 books to get you started.