Melbourne Theatre Company Presents Cybec Electric

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Melbourne Theatre Company Presents Cybec Electric


Moving between topics of stolen tea and online dating, each show will present a new play for one-night-only. Opening the five-session phenomenon will be Harrison’s The Visitors, an Indigenous-inspired play directed by Leah Purcell (Redfern Now) for Melbourne Indigenous Arts Festival. The second show will delve into the Civil War of Sri Lanka with A Counting and Crack of Heads by Shakthidharan; following this, Smith’s play will entertain us with an adventure of the rogue 19th century Scottish trader who steals tea plants from China to expand his business in India.

Closing Cybec Electric will be Greene’s online-dating comedy 8 GB of Hardcore Pornography and The Waiting Room, an autobiographical play about Alan Trounson and his invention: IVF, by Kylie Trounson.