Melbourne’s THE LUME is staging the Van Gogh art exhibition of the future

Melbourne’s THE LUME is staging the Van Gogh art exhibition of the future


It's a little bonkers but visually incredible and looking at THE LUME Van Gogh exhibit, you can imagine this is what future art exhibitions will look like.

Why tiptoe through silent galleries to view masterpieces from afar when you can be immersed in the world of the artist instead? That is the question posed by the incredible multi-sensory digital art gallery THE LUME Melbourne, opening in 2021 with its inaugural experience, Van Gogh.

1 November – delayed from the original open date of 1 September – is the day when Australia’s first permanently housed digital art gallery, The Lume, is set to officially open its doors. The inaugural is an epic adventure into the life and works of Vincent van Gogh.

What you need to know

  • THE LUME’s Van Gogh exhibit is what future art exhibitions will look like.
  • It’s a multi-sensory digital art gallery with floor to ceiling displays, audio and aromatic experiences
  • It’s new open date is 1 November

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You’ve surely seen Van Gogh’s art before, from The Starry Night to his Self Portraits to Sunflowers and The Night Cafe, his works are some of the most instantly recognisable and celebrated in history. But they’re pretty certain you’ve never experienced Van Gogh’s works like this.

Ready to delight each of your senses, for their first exhibition The LUME Melbourne brings to life Van Gogh’s incredible works as epic-scale masterpieces woven together with stunning musical soundscapes and evocative aromas.

A reimagining of 3,000 paintings, sketches, letters and archive photos burst to life as part of the extraordinary multisensory experience. Projecting huge scale versions of Van Gogh’s works onto walls, columns, and floors, not a single brushstroke of his vibrant masterpieces will be missed as you become part of his collection, viewing each piece from new and unique perspectives.

Step inside Van Gogh’s famous Bedroom in Arles or be surrounded by his shimmering Starry Night while indulging in the flavours of 19th century France at the reimagined Café Terrace 1888.

And here, there is no need for quiet. From the moment you enter, a powerful and vibrant symphony of light, colour, captivating imagery, stirring soundscapes, and evocative aromas take you out of your world and immerses you in the Dutch master’s – from the Netherlands to Paris, Arles, Saint Rémy and Auvers-sur-Oise, there is no limit on where this journey can take you.

The gallery also includes a dedicated mirror infinity room packed with sunflowers and a life-size recreation of Van Gogh’s famous Bedroom in Arles for selfie enthusiasts.

Transforming Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) – nestled in the heart of Melbourne along the bustling South Wharf precinct – Australia’s first permanent digital art gallery THE LUME Melbourne – in all its 3,000 square metre, 11 metre high glory – will transport you inside the the worlds of history’s most beloved artists.

The LUME Melbourne’s inaugural experience, the multi-sensory Vincent Van Gogh exhibition, opens on 1 November. Tickets are on sale now via