Melbourne songstress Brigitte Bardini reveals wistful new single ‘Heartbreaker’ ahead of her debut album

Melbourne songstress Brigitte Bardini reveals wistful new single ‘Heartbreaker’ ahead of her debut album

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The newcomer has given another taste of her forthcoming LP with the third single lifted from the album.

Ahead of the release of her debut album, Stellar Lights, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brigitte Bardini has dropped a glimpse of what’s to come with her luscious and spralwing new single, ‘Heartbreaker’.

Following previous singles ‘Aphrodite’ and ‘Wild Ride’, ‘Heartbreaker’ sees Bardini dive deep into the electronic sphere, embracing lush soundscapes and pulsing beats for an uplifting yet thought-provoking and anxiety-riddled song that floats and shimmies its way into your heart.

Pairing soft, ever-present synths with sharp beatmaking and idiosyncratic vocals, the songstress encloses us in a bubble of dreaminess, reminiscent of the feeling you’d get from listening to Thom Yorke, Björk or Róisín Murphy.

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With a near-whisper delivery and melancholic undertones, ‘Heartbreaker’ is a swirling and dreamy near-four-minute hypothetical journey into the terrifying possibility of losing a loved one.

“Heartbreaker is about having something very special in your life and exploring that hypothetical situation in your mind that you might lose that thing. A lyric like ‘I don’t want to lose my future to my past’ really captures that anxiety of lingering on past events and catastrophising about future events, and just trying to do my best to live in the moment.”

Proving her notable worth as a mature lyricist and taking inspiration from iconic artist such as PJ Harvey, Thom Yorke and sonic masters Air, ‘Heartbreaker’ truly showcases Bardini’s cinematic style of songwriting and unwaveringly honest lyricism, bolstered by her own captivating and refined production.

With three monumental singles already under her belt and out into the world, Bardini’s debut album is set to be a winner. Due for release on August 30, Stellar Lights is going to be a lush, multi-textured collection of stunning dreamy folk-pop tracks about embracing life.

“While being coming-of-age, it focuses on life’s fragilities, reflecting upon and learning from every moment and moving forward,” she explains.

“I feel that I took this approach to my writing for this album when I experienced a very vivid apocalyptic dream that felt like it woke me up to how fragile life is and how advantageous it is to embrace all of its elements with as little judgement as possible.

“The words chosen for the title, ‘Stellar Lights’ are very much inspired by this apocalyptic dream, where shooting stars were colliding and meteors falling to earth as I was watching from a courtyard at night.”

Uniquely blending standard folk-pop into a new, ethereal world, expect to be mesmerised by Bardini’s intensely descriptive songwriting skills, sumptuous vocals and all-encompassing dream-like world when she drops her debut album in August.

‘Heartbreaker’ is out now. Check it out below. Stellar Lights is set for release on August 30 and will be available digitally, and on CD and vinyl.