Melbourne seven-piece Steel Wheels reveal intimate new single ‘Alexander’

Melbourne seven-piece Steel Wheels reveal intimate new single ‘Alexander’

Photo by Robert Collins

‘Alexander’ is the first single from the band’s forthcoming debut album.

Formed within the throes of the pandemic, Melbourne’s fresh-faced addictive alt-country band Steel Wheels have arrived with their captivating third single, ‘Alexander’.

Written in a drunken haze in a living room one night, but soon morphing into something much bigger and much deeper, the new single sees the seven-piece at their most vulnerable, creating an instantly-engaging melody out of sophisticated guitars with rootsy undertones as it explores internalising others’ pain and suffering.

“Alexander is about empathising with the sadness and suffering of someone you care for. It’s a pledge of support, an invitation of hope for the future, a celebration of love,” the band explain.

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Boasting enough country without any of the gimmicks, but rock and roll enough to slide their way into any associated scene and stand on their own, this single firmly places Steel Wheels in a league of their own. Combining vintage pop-inspired melodies with a melting pot of folk, country, soul, and rock, the use of horns, strings, keys and extra percussion create layers of character underneath the defined, charismatic golden vocals of Scarlett Maloney.

It’s apparent from the very first verse that there’s incredible harmony in Steel Wheel’s instrumentation and musicianship amongst its seven members. The saxophone and keys play melodies fresh and pretty, with harmonies by four singers backed by plenty of guitar and drums to keep it gritty.

Lifted from their forthcoming debut album and the follow up to previously released singles ‘Tied Up’ and ‘Standing Still’, the single arrives alongside a video clip produced and directed by Wild Rose Pictures.

Filmed at Brunswick Ballroom, the footage depicts an infectious live performance from the band, focusing on each of the individual band members on the stage. Honing in on the immersive instrumentation and explosive presence of the band, the video is truly a celebration of each individual’s contributions to a magnificent, soaring single.

Musically rich, the blended talents and dynamic vision of all seven members guarantees Steel Wheels place as an undeniable talent within the Australian music scene for years to come.

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