Melbourne Martini: The future of cocktails

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Melbourne Martini: The future of cocktails

Melbourne Martini
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Words by Leah Hulst

We all love to go out and treat ourselves to a delicious cocktail at our favourite bar or restaurant. Usually, it’s a bit of 'YOLO’ mentality when we order a $24 Negroni off the menu after slogging out another hard week at work, or a round of Margaritas to celebrate your best mate's birthday.

The cocktail is synonymous with luxury and special occasions, but why not affordability and ease? Well, a local Melbourne company has answered our prayers.

Melbourne Martini has come to the rescue with delicious cocktails, ready to drink for any occasion. We no longer need to be sitting at a fancy restaurant to enjoy a Margarita or Espresso Martini. Instead, all we need to do is reach for the fridge or esky, shake and drink

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Their range of jarred cocktails include everyone’s favourite Espresso Martini, the decadent Salted Caramel Espresso Martini, Tommy Tequilla Margarita, Naked Negroni, and Amaretto Sour. It’s the perfect selection for any occasion.

We’ve all tried to recreate these classics ourselves at some stage. Remember hosting a dinner party, or sitting around at a mate’s house, and suddenly it’s your turn to make a cocktail? After buying three different types of alcohol, mixers and glasses, you’re already running at a hefty loss, let alone taking time away from your guests to measure, mix and serve…not as fun or as easy as bartenders make it look. It’s expensive, time-consuming and takes you away from being the life of the party, and if you’re anything like us, the ratios are never right. So why not just grab a pre-made cocktail, chill, shake, and serve?

We’re pretty sure we don’t need to convince you any further as to why these cocktails reign supreme, but why Melbourne Martini specifically? Here’s why they’re our top pick…

Premium ingredients

Cocktails deserve to feel luxurious, and the ingredients in the Melbourne Martini Cocktails are no exception. Their range of ready-to-drink cocktails feature ingredients only of the highest quality, to ensure the exceptional taste is never spared. You’d expect nothing less from a Melbourne brand.

We’re all coffee snobs

Melburnians are known for their impeccable coffee, and Melbourne Martini know it! They make all of the coffee that goes into their Espresso Martinis, so you can be assured that the Cold Drip Coffee used will be up to the expectations of a Melbourne coffee connoisseur.


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Keeping it local

We love supporting Aussies in general, so why not our alcohol also?

From the limes in the Tommy Tequila Margaritas to the in-house coffee for the Espresso Martinis, all ingredients are sourced locally or from Australian suppliers. They are also all bottled at their Melbourne production facility, meaning not only do they support the local economy but the quality will be kept at the highest level – win-win!

They’re in a jar

Unlike other premade cocktails, Melbourne Martinis are in a jar, sealing in flavour, freshness and allowing you to transport them easily, even when you’re halfway through your tasty cocktail. You can sip slowly at your Salted Caramel Espresso Martini while at the park, secure the lid and come back to it later. They’ve made Martinis into an anytime drink, and for an eco-friendly alternative, you can even repurpose the jar! We love to see it.

Cost and time-effective

Let’s be honest, buying the ingredients to make one cocktail is going to set you back big bucks, let alone the amount of time you’re going to take to actually make the cocktail. Instead of stepping away from your party to measure out alcohol, mix, shake, pour and repeat, times-10 given the small amount a shaker actually produces, just grab an ice-cold Melbourne Martini.

They’re vegan and gluten-free

It can be hard to meet dietary needs, but Melbourne Martini has made it easy with vegan and gluten-free alcoholic drinks. Looking after not only our cocktail needs but also our furry friends.

Drinking responsibly

Melbourne Martini’s cocktails are 1.14 standard drinks and come in a pack of four. This ensures you drink responsibly and enables you to easily track your intake.

To shop the full Melbourne Martini range, head to their website here.