Melbourne is getting a drive-in rooftop cinema

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Melbourne is getting a drive-in rooftop cinema


Set to embody all of the nostalgia of a ’50s drive-in with a modern twist, the cinema will take place from an elevated CBD location and will showcase first-release films, encompassing all genres, via staggered evening sessions across two giant, state-of-the-art raised screens.  Each field will accommodate 65 vehicles and has been designed for optimum viewing, with consideration for vehicle height variances. 

DCI-compliant Christie projectors will compliment the venue’s world-class sound system, which will be broadcast to vehicles via restricted FM transmitters. 

For those who are after the drive-in action without a car, there’ll also be a ‘blue-deck’ seating area with sound received via headphones – all provided by the venue. 

Of course, choc-tops and some tantalising food options will be on hand too.