Melbourne International Comedy Festival unveils full 2017 lineup

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Melbourne International Comedy Festival unveils full 2017 lineup


Featuring 556 shows across 100 venues, the streets of Melbourne are set to erupt with laughter as a huge lineup of local and international comedians join forces for one of the most hotly anticipated events on Melbourne’s cultural calendar. 

Australian comedians leading the charge include Merrick Watts, Justin Hamilton, Eddie Perfect, Dane Swan, Gossling, Zoë Coombs Marr, Judith Lucy, Denise Scott, Rove, Joel Creasey, Lawrence Mooney, Frank Woodley, Wil Anderson, Aunty Donna, Nazeem Hussain, Matt Okine, Sam Simmons, Sarah Kendall, Tom Ballard, Luke McGregor, Dave Thornton and Hannah Gadsby. 

Representing the international laugh masters include Daniel Kitson (performing in two separate shows), James Veitch, China’s comedy superstar Storm Xu, David O’Doherty, Ruby Wax, Arj Barker, Des Bishop, Jason Byrne,  Dara Obrien, Orlando Baxter, Jenny Eclair, Fortune Feimster, Larry Dean, Stephen K Amos, Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Kieran Hodgson, Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Richard Gadd and the very best from the Bengaluru Comedy Festival.  

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Comedy Festival without a slew of special events. They’re here in droves. Keep your eyes out for The (Very) Big Laugh Out – bringing the world’s greatest street performers together for a run of free shows, Comedy Club For Kids, Stand & Deliver, and Class Clowns. 

Further highlights include The Oxfam Gala, Upfront, RAW, Deadly Funny, Comedy Confab, The Great Debate and the Opening Night Supershow. 

“The 2017 Melbourne Comedy Festival program is full of comedy treasure just there for the finding,” said Comedy Festival Director Sussan Provan. “Comedians from all over the globe have packed their opinions and will be here, ready to air them.

“We have new artists launching their comedy careers and the well-loved returning for the fans and the love of it. We can promise belly laughs, controversy and Donald Trump jokes. There will be comedy of all kinds, in every medium, for every taste.”