Melanie Bracewell: Ooh Laa Laa (Encore)

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Melanie Bracewell: Ooh Laa Laa (Encore)

Hello! This is Melanie Bracewell. From the telly and your dreams. I’m filming my very first special! It is the same show as my 2022 show (with a couple of my other best bits thrown in for good measure), but the tickets are way cheaper, and there will be cameras there to record the whole thing! Technology truly is amazing.

The show is about desperately trying to be remembered, love, and eggs.

I have chosen a ridiculously big venue so that the special looks cool, but it’ll look even cooler if it’s packed! If you loved my show last year and want to see it again, if you missed out, or if you don’t remember any of the jokes, I’d love to see you there. Okay, I’m done.