Matt Okine : The Other Guy

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Matt Okine : The Other Guy


It’s not often you get a good belly laugh out of something that’s actually quite sad and depressing – which is pretty much exactly what Matt Okine sets out to do. He makes you feel sorry for him but at the same time you start to like him more – mostly because he’s so open and optimistic about a number of really unfortunate situations.

It’s been four years since Okine debuted at MICF as part of the RAW Comedy Final, and a lot has changed since then. Now co-hosting triple j’s breakfast show, the 29-year old’s life is completely different…almost entirely because he now has a shit-tonne more money.

As he describes perfectly, he’s not “super rich” but for a former struggling comedian it’s enough to make some drastic changes. He now has zero qualms paying the extra $2 for half-and-half pizzas and no longer pushes the fuel pump to $20.02 for that few extra cents at no cost.

But fame hasn’t brought only sunshine – it also has it’s downfalls. Mostly noticeably the non-provoked threats and insults he receives from members of the general public, particularly through social media. But the big surprise is just how big of a toll his newfound fame has impacted his personal life, particularly with his former partner of nine-years and some fairly miserable efforts in the sack in the interim.

Even if you don’t particularly like Okine’s brand of humour on the radio, there’s a lot to like about this very well rehearsed routine. This show is like hearing the funniest joke you’ve ever heard while attending a funeral – you’ll feel bad for laughing but find it hard to control yourself. Brilliant stuff.